Non-Profit Organization Governance


Duration:30 mins

Who Should Attend

Prospective and Seasoned Board Members


Non-Profit Organization Governance 101 Topics covered in this lecture series clarify: What Directors do, How They Do It, and for Whom they work for. This lecture series also introduces current legal trends in Directors Liability, overviews the Legal Environment Directors are immersed in and provides best practices on new Directors Orientation practices. The failure (or alleged failure) of directors of non-profit corporations to fulfill their duties may expose them to liability to third parties, or to the corporation Directors should therefore be aware of protections that may be available against such liability in recent years, litigation against directors of many varieties of nonprofits has increased in frequency The demise of the charitable immunity exemption, that was previously available to many kinds of nonprofit corporations has increased the frequency of suits against directors and officers of public benefit and religious corporations., (Mutual benefit corporations and their directors have never enjoyed the protection of the charitable exemption.) Although many small nonprofit corporation boards face little or no practical liability risk, all directors need to understand the actions that may be taken to protect them against liability related to their service on a nonprofit corporation’s board. A nonprofit corporation director should understand what the corporation’s basic documents provide as to indemnification and insurance and know if there are any statutory exemptions or other legal provisions that may limit the director’s liability.


Features of Course

MODULE-1 What Directors Do MODULE-2 Directors Liability MODULE-3 Legal Environment MODULE-4 Directors Orientation
30 mins 30 mins 30 mins 30 mins

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